Get ready for your active day on the mountain, reduce your risk of injury, and perform at your best. Stretching, soft tissue mobilization, and functional exercises that target the necessary muscles for your activities.


Don’t let soreness hold you back. Recover from an active day with a lymphatic flush from NormaTec Pulse System recovery pants. A session in these will decrease lactic acid build up and increase circulation so you can hit it hard everyday with fresh legs.



Trail running and felt a pop in your knee? Fly over your handlebars while riding downhill? Hit a tree skiing on a powder day? MountainFit comes to you for injury evaluation. Our injury treatment and rehabilitative services can get you quickly back out on the mountain. If you need to see a doctor we make the process seamless and comfortable for you.  

Pain holding you back? Old injuries still bothering you? A personalized treatment program combining manual therapy, our newest modalities, and functional exercise equipment and protocols will cure your pain and get you back to doing the activities you love!


Why travel when you can relax? MountainFit makes recovering from an injury a stress-free experience. We come to you for personalized, on-demand rehabilitation.


Some tools we use… (wording)

  • Kinesiotape (picture)
    • Lexi from MountainFit is a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner. Kinesiotape helps decrease pain by lifting the skin and increasing blood flow, assists in tendon function, lengthen tight muscles groups, facilitates a muscle to fire properly, mechanically alters dysfunctional joints, and significantly decreases inflammation and bruising.


  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) (picture)
    • These different shaped metal tools are the key to decreasing muscle adhesions, scar tissue and increasing range of motion. By scraping over large muscle groups or even small joint areas where scar tissue has formed, we can break down the tension to decrease stiffness and increase motion.


  • NormaTec- Recovery Pants (picture)
    • Say goodbye to sore, stiff legs. These pants will keep your legs feeling fresh and strong with intermittent compression that moves up and down your legs. Recover quickly and get back out on the mountain.


  • PowerDot - Electrical Stimulation for Pain Relief and Muscle Activation (picture)
    • Electrical stimulation offers multiple uses- from decreasing pain in a tense muscle to helping a weak muscle contract, this modality is great for any athlete looking to maximize their performance or to regain muscle function after an injury.