Let's Move

You’ve made it this far on the site, so we know you like to move. Maybe it’s on the mountain, in ski boots or on a bike. Maybe it’s in a yoga studio or you’re just all about in-home workouts. You’re moving, but are you moving functionally? Let’s move, and let’s do it right! Through preparation + training, rehab, and recovery, you can be MountainFit.

Training Sessions

Could you be skiing better? Running more efficiently? Biking faster and farther? These fun videos will get you ready for your mountain adventures. Prepare to perform.

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Rehab Exercises + Injury Prevention

You have a new pain, an old pain, a funny popping-feeling in your shoulder when you move a certain way, or maybe you’re coming back from a surgery. This is where you will find quick and fun rehab exercises. Want to ensure you’ll have a long active career and avoid the aches and pains? These exercises are developed with Injury prevention in mind.

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You might have finished your big hike or skin, but the work isn’t over yet. Do you want to perform better AND reduce your risk of soreness and injury? Take the time to recover.

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