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Let's Move

You’ve made it this far on the site, so we know you like to move. Maybe it’s on the mountain, in ski boots or on a bike. Maybe it’s in a yoga studio or you’re just all about in-home workouts. You’re moving, but are you moving functionally? Let’s move, and let’s do it right! Through preparation + training, rehab, and recovery, you can be MountainFit.

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Know Your Body

Wouldn’t you like to know more about your body? Why a particular part of your body aches? What does ACL stand for? Learn about anatomy, injuries, and so much more.

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Brain Health

Are you taking care of your brain? It’s like a muscle that doesn’t grow if we don’t flex it. Learn about concussions and how you can return to sport after suffering from one. Work your brain in new ways like through meditation, vision work, goal setting and imagery, and you will see benefits on the mountain but most importantly in your daily life.

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Stronger together. This is a space where you can access some incredible resources from our favorite local studios and fitness professionals. MountainFit values education and we are excited to collaborate with + learn from some pretty amazing mountain athletes.

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