In-Home Injury Care for our local Vail Community.  Email LEXI@MOUNTAINFITCO.COM to schedule a session. Must be able to provide proof of vaccination. 

MountainFit - Mountain Maintenance

Injury Evaluation

  • Who's It For: You took a crash. Hit a tree. Slept funny and now your back hurts. Felt a pop in your knee. Flew over the handle bars. Your shoulder clicks when you move it a certain way. Or hey, maybe you just tried to pull your ski pants up and now your ribs hurt... we don't judge how it happened, we're just here to make it better!
  • What's Included: Comprehensive evaluation of your orthopedic injury. You will get a complete understanding of what is going on with your body + an action plan of treatment and care.
MountainFit - Mountain Performance

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

    • Who's It For: You're ready to make moves to get back to your active living. Maybe you're coming back from a new injury or an old nagging pain that had hindered how you get moving.
    • What's Included: Personalized, sport-specific programming. Train the right way for the demands of your sport and the limits of your body. 
MountainFit - Mountain Athlete

Injury & Pain Treatment

    • Who's It For: - Something's nagging you- a pain in your knee when you bike, your shoulder aches after golf, your back is so tight... whatever the pain is, it is taking you away from your mountain sports and we can't have that! 
    • What's Included: The best, most comprehensive care to rid your pain, tightness, and worry. Certified in using multiple modalities, MountainFit will find the best approach for outstanding results.