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“Lexi’s knowledge and use of treatment tools and techniques helped me to get back on the field as quickly as possible to play the game I love”

Brennen Beyer, Baltimore Ravens

"Lexi was phenomenal in the rehabilitation of my grade 2 separated shoulder due to her knowledge of the proper treatment techniques I needed coupled with physical therapy exercises that strengthened my AC joint to the extent where I was able to be back on the ice playing games within a week!"

Andrew Copp, Winnipeg Jets

Lexi took the time to ask the right questions and truly understand what was going on with my foot. Unlike a regular doctor who sits across the room, Lexi carefully and gently felt her way around my foot to determine sensitivity to pain the exact location of its origin, and a course of action.

Lexi is fantastic!! Last year she helped my son post injury. This trip, I called Lexi to come and do some therapy with my son to get him ready for skiing. It was exactly what he needed!! We will keep this up at the start of each trip! Lexi is a God send!!

Lexi has unbelievable knowledge about the body. I was in PT for months. One session with Lexi accomplished so much more. I am grateful she is here in the valley.